Charlotte Sharman Alumni

Introduction, Email addresses, Want to find, Pupils, Staff, Photos, Details, and Changes.


Charlotte Sharman Primary School is in West Square, London. (Map.)

The details on this page are gathered from those that we've established contact with so far, and Friends Reunited. Feel free to tell others of its existence.

Years given refer to the end of the academic year, e.g. 1980 is the 1979/1980 academic year.

If you want to add your details, you don't have to fall into an existing year, mail them to Include the academic year you'd have left if you'd stayed on until the final year, a brief biography, and any other text you'd like shown. Pictures, old or new, are welcome. Let me know if your email address should be shown unaltered, disguised so it isn't a link, e.g. foo at bar dot com, or if you'd prefer that someone else be the contact point for you, e.g. me.

Any suggestions, updates, or corrections mail too.

Email addresses

Here are all our email addresses in one location for easy reference. Some of us would rather our email address be kept private. For those people, your email will go via a third party who will pass the message and your contact details on.

Craig Bayfield <>,
Elaine Beckingsale <contact via Ralph Corderoy>,
June Beckingsale <>,
Martin Beecroft <>,
Sandra Celada <>,
Chris Cheverall <contact via Ralph Corderoy>,
Greg Cheverall <contact via Ralph Corderoy>,
Ralph Corderoy <>,
Kim Davies <contact via Ralph Corderoy>,
Lee Dockerill <contact via Ralph Corderoy>,
Catherine Flack <>,
Joe Fowler <contact via Ralph Corderoy>,
Nicola French <>,
Peter Fuller <>,
Leigh Gallagher <>,
Renato Goulder <>,
Paul Hamilton <>,
Christine Harris <contact via Ralph Corderoy>,
Nicola Harris <>,
Hema Patel <>,
Prima Patel <>,
Sandee Phillips <contact via Ralph Corderoy>,
James Searle <>,
Darrell Slattery <>,
Jillian Smith <contact via Ralph Corderoy>,
Iain Stevenson <>,
Sandra Vincent <>,
Mrs West <contact via Ralph Corderoy>

Want to find

If you're searching for someone in particular, let me know and I'll mention it here. I'm happy to act as a go-between if you don't wish your details to be made public.


Pupils grouped by their leaving year assuming they'd stayed the course. Unknown years are at the end.


Sandee Phillips    


Debbie Flack Kay Tomlin  
Tracy Fuller Gary Vincent  


Laura Bailey Gary Gale Tommy Walsh
Andrew Barnes Richard Gardiner Simon White
Veena Becha Mark Heaphy Unknown36 ???
Elaine Beckingsale Troy Jobson Unknown37 ???
Claire Brown Dean Jolly Unknown38 ???
Danny Burridge John Kwak Unknown39 ???
Greg Cheverall Beverley Layzell Unknown40 ???
Jill Clarke Julia Ramsey Vanessa ???
Cynthia Clerk Mary Sherret  
Joanna Elwood Amanda Starcke  


Caroline Baker Mandy Keen Tracey Tompkins
Nicola Carter Sarah Marsden Maxine Wells
Pauline Cochrene Dean Mayhook Michelle ???
Lee Columbell Jason Moy Unknown09 ???
Sandra Elliott Steven Nugent Unknown15 ???
Jose Fernandez Gina Richardson Unknown22 ???
Neil Fox Tina Rowbotham Unknown31 ???
Leigh Gallagher Jeffrey Scantlebury Unknown32 ???
Helen Jobson Darrell Slattery Unknown33 ???
Sharon Johnson Jillian Smith Unknown34 ???


Spencer Abbott Joanne Gale Paul Robertson
Samantha Bowles Christine Harris Sarah-Jane Smith
Laura Burridge Anthony James Neil Stevens
Robert Clark Patrick Lally Phillip Stevens
Karen Cochrene Theresa Lally Rebecca Swain
Spencer Davies Phil(l)ip Marsden Julia Tank
Tony Dyer Paul Morrison Peter Tomlin
Terry Fenn Patrick Murphy Levant Unal
Tracy Field Gorash Patel Sandra Vincent
Danny Fuller Maria Philipou? Jaquie Wells


Michael Baker Ricardo Fernandez David Morrison
Liza Beale Catherine Flack Cheryl Nicholls
June Beckingsale Michael Forrest Mark Nugent
Martin Beecroft Peter Fuller Brian Pointer
Simon Bowles Renato Goulder Benjamin Spooner
Sandra Celada Paul Hamilton Jonathon Thornton
Darron Chalking Andrea Handy Danny Thorpe
Chris Cheverall Miguel Hornero Naomi ???
Ralph Corderoy Danny Ing Rahman ???
Adam Domican Joseph James Samara ???
Angela Dyer Paul Kelly Unknown02 ???
Leanna Ellis Donna Mais Unknown03 ???


Clair Fuller Joe Mayhook Damien ???
Polo Goulder Keith Nicholls  


Karrina Allchin Lee Gannon Sam Quinn
Nicolas Fernandez Emma Gwyther Donna Salmon
Nicola French Nicola Harris  


Kelly Bowles Brian Say Soumia ???
Daniel Craven Claire Sayer? Unknown41 ???
Edward Crush Sarah Smith Unknown42 ???
Samantha Gear Iain Stevenson Unknown43 ???
Lucy Hornero Dave Wise Wayne ???
Dionne O'Connor Donavon ???  
Richard Rowbotham Michelle ???  


Leigh Arney Dionne Forder Mandy ???
Rosanna Celada Joe Fowler Paulo ???
Lee Dockerill Jermaine ??? Ricky ???


Daniel Bayfield    


Tahmina Aktar Emane Eladib Zoey Morgan
Gary Atkinson Lucy Foreman Hema Patel
Greg Basquine Katie Galbraith Ashrafur Rahman
Nuriz Bengisu Nicola Galea Peter Searle
Jodie Berry Jamie Greenwood Steven Timmons
Shu-yi Cheung Adil Hafidi Danny Tyson
Safura Choudhury Danielle Jones Richard Young
Vicki Clancy Jonathon Joseph Figen Zaimoglu
Michael Clark Corrinne McCleary  
Nicola Connolly Mujahid Miah  


Tolu Amon Stacey? Hinton Laura Soper
Charlotte Arnold Christopher How Suzy Sullivan
Leslie Ball Azizul Hye Regina Taryea-Laryea?
Craig Bayfield Jackie Lai Jennifer Taylor
Wayne Brooks Lee Meyler Tia Taylor
Lisa Brown Ricky Mitchell Debbie Taylor Ross
Aqlack Choudary Nathan Morris Gemma Tew
Rebecca Cox Prima Patel Ricky Tyson
Paul Fenn Rachel Perry Hayley ???
Lauren Gymer Ashley Platt Nancy ???
Jemima Harold Brown James Searle  


Kim Davies    


Miren Patel    


Dillan Patel    


Mrs Abbott Mrs Higgs Mrs Simanis
Mr Becha Miss Hutchings Mrs Tomlin
Miss Bonniface Mrs Keeper Mrs West
Mrs Day Miss Kitchener Miss Willson
Mrs Ebdon Mrs Lockton Mrs Woodward
Miss Fisher Mr Martindale  
Mrs French Miss Reed  


Oldest first, junior years before senior. Some pictures are known to exist and are listed although a scan of them might not yet be available. If you can supply a better scan than what's already present please do.

Nursery, 1976. Class 3A.

Back row: Ralph Corderoy, Martin Beecroft, Miguel Hornero, Spencer Abbott.
Middle row: teacher with red, shoulder-length, hair and glasses, Ricardo Fernandez, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, teacher with brown, shoulder-length hair.
Front row: Unknown, Liza Beale, Unknown, Unknown, Danny Thorpe, Brian Pointer.

Nativity play, circa 1977. (28KiB)

Right at the back: Christine Harris.
Back row: Samara ??? (half-missing), Leanna Ellis, Karen Cochrene, Julia ???, Samantha Bowles, Laura Burridge, Darrell Slattery, Neil Fox, Jaquie Wells, unknown, Tracy Field, unknown, Sandra Celada, unknown, Liza Beale, June Beckingsale.
Sitting on stage: Brian Pointer, David Morrison, Michael Forrest, Spencer Abbott, Rebecca Swain, three unknowns, then sitting to the right of the crib: two unknowns, Spencer Davies, Danny Thorpe, Miguel Hornero, Peter Fuller.
Front row: three unknowns, Maria Philipou?, unknown, Paul Hamilton, four unknowns.

Miss Reed, circa 1978. (74KiB)

Back row: Tommy Walsh, Andrew Barnes, Greg Cheverall, Simon White, Mark Heaphy, Cynthia Clerk, Unknown36 ???, Vanessa ???, Julia Ramsey, Joanna Elwood, Miss Reed.
Middle row: Dean Jolly, Richard Gardiner, Claire Brown, Beverley Layzell, Laura Bailey, Jill Clarke, Unknown38 ???, Mary Sherret.
Front row: Unknown40 ???, Gary Gale, Danny Burridge, John Kwak, Elaine Beckingsale, Unknown37 ???, Unknown39 ???, Troy Jobson.

Mrs Day, 1978. Class 4. (29KiB)
Taken Christmas 1977.

Back row: Mrs Day, Ricardo Fernandez, Brian Pointer, Martin Beecroft, Jonathon Thornton, Darron Chalking.
Middle row: Chris Cheverall, Adam Domican, Sandra Celada, Ralph Corderoy, Catherine Flack, Liza Beale, Leanna Ellis.
Front row: Andrea Handy, Samara ???, Paul Kelly, Simon Bowles, David Morrison, Benjamin Spooner.

Mrs Higgs, 1978. Class 6. (68KiB)
Taken Christmas 1978.

Back row: Mrs Higgs, Paul Morrison, Darrell Slattery, Karen Cochrene, Gorash Patel, Rebecca Swain.
Middle row: Peter Fuller, Samantha Bowles, Julia Tank, Laura Burridge, Christine Harris, Danny Fuller.
Front row: Spencer Davies, Tracy Field, Theresa Lally, Unknown31 ???, Neil Stevens, Patrick Lally, Patrick Murphy.

Miss Hutchings, 1979. Class 5. (345KiB)

Back row: Miss Hutchings, Danny Thorpe, Unknown03 ???, Chris Cheverall, Mark Nugent, Miguel Hornero, Renato Goulder, Ricardo Fernandez.
Middle row: David Morrison, Liza Beale, Martin Beecroft, Michael Forrest, Peter Fuller, Leanna Ellis, Andrea Handy, Danny Ing.
Front row: Samara ???, Unknown02 ???, Michael Baker, June Beckingsale, Simon Bowles, Catherine Flack, Benjamin Spooner, Ralph Corderoy, Sandra Celada.

Sports Day, circa 1979. (17KiB)

Standing: Miss Kitchener, Sandra Celada, Unknown, Leanna Ellis, June Beckingsale.

Miss Willson, 1980. Class 6. (349KiB)

Back row: Miss Willson, Chris Cheverall, Miguel Hornero, Ricardo Fernandez, Danny Ing.
Middle row: Sandra Celada, Martin Beecroft, Michael Forrest, Renato Goulder, Leanna Ellis.
Front row: Danny Thorpe, Unknown02 ???, June Beckingsale, Paul Hamilton, Liza Beale, Michael Baker, Ralph Corderoy.

Miss Reed, 1980. Class 8. (71KiB)

Back row: Miss Reed, Karen Cochrene, Danny Fuller, Julia Tank, Christine Itoje (not sure on the spelling), Tony Dyer, Unknown32 ???.
Middle row: Sarah-Jane Smith, Rebecca Swain, Darrell Slattery, Sandra Vincent, Spencer Davies, Christine Harris, Unknown33 ???.
Front row: Unknown34 ???, Michelle ???, Robert Clark, Tracy Field, Patrick Lally, Theresa Lally, Phillip Stevens.

Miss Kitchener, 1981. Class 9. (103KiB)

Back row: Unknown09 ???, Pauline Cochrene, Steven Nugent, Nicola Carter, Jose Fernandez, Tina Rowbotham, Jason Moy.
Middle row: Unknown15 ???, Mandy Keen, Helen Jobson, Dean Mayhook, Maxine Wells, Jeffrey Scantlebury, Tracey Tompkins, Lee Columbell, Miss Kitchener.
Front row: Unknown22 ???, Leigh Gallagher, Sharon Johnson, Sandra Elliott, Caroline Baker, Gina Richardson, Jillian Smith, Sarah Marsden.

A `Football' Team. (210KiB)

Back row: Phil(l)ip Marsden, Terry Fenn, Levant Unal, Peter Tomlin, Peter Fuller, Danny Fuller, Martin Beecroft, Danny Ing, Miguel Hornero.
Front row: Paul Robertson, Spencer Abbott, Ricardo Fernandez, Paul Hamilton, Spencer Davies, Danny Thorpe, Chris Cheverall, Patrick Lally, Anthony James.

Mr Martindale, 1982. Class 8. (357KiB)

Back row: Paul Hamilton, Chris Cheverall, Angela Dyer, Cheryl Nicholls, Ralph Corderoy, Rahman ???.
Middle row: Renato Goulder, Peter Fuller, Donna Mais, Miguel Hornero, Danny Ing, Martin Beecroft, Mr Martindale.
Front row: Danny Thorpe, Ricardo Fernandez, June Beckingsale, Sandra Celada, Michael Baker, Joseph James.

After-school ballet, school's prospectus, 1982. (207KiB)

Left to right: Nicola Harris, Sandra Celada.

Football players, school's prospectus, 1982. (208KiB)

Back row: Miguel Hornero, Peter Fuller, Martin Beecroft, Danny Ing.
Front row: Ricardo Fernandez, Paul Hamilton, Danny Thorpe, Chris Cheverall.

Gymnasium, school's prospectus, 1982. (213KiB)

Back row: Miss Kitchener, Sandra Vincent, Jaquie Wells, Christine Harris, Phil(l)ip Marsden, Levant Unal.
Front row: Laura Burridge.

Library globe, school's prospectus, 1982. (257KiB)

Orrery, school's prospectus, 1982. (147KiB)

Left to right: Joe Mayhook, Damien ???, Peter Tomlin, Donna Mais, Karrina Allchin, Sam Quinn, Mrs West.

Production of Ugly Duckling, school's prospectus, 1982. (124KiB)

Left to right: Sam Quinn, Clair Fuller.

Mrs Higgs, 1983. Class 6. (269KiB)

Back row: Dionne O'Connor, Richard Rowbotham, Claire Sayer?, Iain Stevenson, Sarah Smith, Lee Gannon, Mrs Higgs.
Middle row: Unknown41 ???, Lucy Hornero, Brian Say, Samantha Gear, Donavon ???, Soumia ???.
Front row: Unknown42 ???, Daniel Craven, Unknown43 ???, Wayne ???, Michelle ???, Dave Wise.

Last day of school 1, 1983. (12KiB)

Naomi ???, Sandra Celada, June Beckingsale, Donna Mais, Peter Fuller.

Last day of school 2, 1983. (8KiB)

Naomi ???, Karrina Allchin, June Beckingsale, Sandra Celada.

Last day of school 3, 1983. (8KiB)

June Beckingsale, Donna Mais, Sandra Celada. Naomi ???.

Adil Halfidi's birthday visit to the London Dungeon, circa 1995. (214KiB)

Standing: Figen Zaimoglu, Adil Hafidi's sister, Michael Clark,
Seated: Safura Choudhury, Hema Patel, Emane Eladib, Adil Hafidi, Steven Timmons, Greg Basquine.

Mrs West in playground, December 1996. (34KiB)

Mrs West.

Unprocessed picture 2. (36KiB)

Unprocessed picture 7. (34KiB)

Unprocessed picture 8. (26KiB)

Unprocessed picture 10. (221KiB)

Back row: Four unknowns.
Middle row: Richard Rowbotham, Unknown, Unknown.
Front row: Sarah Smith, Unknown, Unknown, Edward Crush, Unknown, Kelly Bowles.


People arranged by year, then alphabetically by surname, followed by first name or title. Where a name isn't known, `???' is used -- please fill in the blanks! Staff are at the end.


Sandee Phillips <contact via Ralph Corderoy>, 1977
Has a photo of the 1976 netball team who were league winners, beating St. Jude's in the play-off.


Debbie Flack, 1979
Older sister of Catherine Flack.

Tracy Fuller, 1979
Older sister of Peter Fuller. Her first child, Rian, was born in 2001.

Kay Tomlin, 1979
See Peter Tomlin.

Gary Vincent, 1979


Laura Bailey, 1980 Picture of Laura Bailey

Andrew Barnes, 1980 Picture of Andrew Barnes

Veena Becha, 1980

Elaine Beckingsale <contact via Ralph Corderoy>, 1980 Picture of Elaine Beckingsale
Now Elaine Wright, living in London. Has a younger sister June Beckingsale. Her mum works at the school and her husband is the school's premises officer (school caretaker).

Claire Brown, 1980 Picture of Claire Brown
Now a mother living in Kennington.

Danny Burridge, 1980 Picture of Danny Burridge

Greg Cheverall <contact via Ralph Corderoy>, 1980 Picture of Greg Cheverall
Self-proclaimed star of the school plays. Now lives in Clerkenwell, London and works as a trader for an investment bank in the city.

Jill Clarke, 1980 Picture of Jill Clarke

Cynthia Clerk, 1980 Picture of Cynthia Clerk
Yuen Chan, who's trying to contact Cynthia, reports that Cynthia went onto St. Saviours and St. Olaves, and from there to Bangor, gaining a degree in Biology. After that, she went to Goldsmiths to do teacher-training.

Joanna Elwood, 1980 Picture of Joanna Elwood

Gary Gale, 1980 Picture of Gary Gale

Richard Gardiner, 1980 Picture of Richard Gardiner

Mark Heaphy, 1980 Picture of Mark Heaphy

Troy Jobson, 1980 Picture of Troy Jobson
Older sister of Helen Jobson.

Dean Jolly, 1980 Picture of Dean Jolly

John Kwak, 1980 Picture of John Kwak
Father of one working in I.T. Used to live in Walcot Square.

Beverley Layzell, 1980 Picture of Beverley Layzell

Julia Ramsey, 1980 Picture of Julia Ramsey

Mary Sherret, 1980 Picture of Mary Sherret

Amanda Starcke, 1980

Tommy Walsh, 1980 Picture of Tommy Walsh

Simon White, 1980 Picture of Simon White

Unknown36 ???, 1980 Picture of Unknown36 ???

Unknown37 ???, 1980 Picture of Unknown37 ???

Unknown38 ???, 1980 Picture of Unknown38 ???

Unknown39 ???, 1980 Picture of Unknown39 ???

Unknown40 ???, 1980 Picture of Unknown40 ???

Vanessa ???, 1980 Picture of Vanessa ???


Caroline Baker, 1981 Picture of Caroline Baker
Older sister of Michael Baker. June Beckingsale believes she's still living in the Garden Row area and now has two children.

Nicola Carter, 1981 Picture of Nicola Carter

Pauline Cochrene, 1981 Picture of Pauline Cochrene

Lee Columbell, 1981 Picture of Lee Columbell
Older sister of Claire Columbell.

Sandra Elliott, 1981 Picture of Sandra Elliott

Jose Fernandez, 1981 Picture of Jose Fernandez
Older brother of Ricardo Fernandez.

Neil Fox, 1981

Leigh Gallagher <>, 1981 Picture of Leigh Gallagher Picture of Leigh Gallagher Picture of Leigh Gallagher Picture of Leigh Gallagher Picture of Leigh Gallagher

"Left CS and went to Bacons until 4th year. Left Bacon as my parents moved to Hornchurch in Essex. Attended Redden Court School for my final year. Did a little bit of modelling work and then went into the travel industry. Bummed around with that for a while, but ended up back into glamour modelling again. Did this on and off for most of my life and became a professional model, internationally published.

"Twelve years ago I met my present partner Giles [pictured]. Never married or had babies (yuk!). Moved into a lovely large house on a farm in a little village just outside Romford called Havering-atte-Bower, where I set up my own business. I now have my own photographic and film studio as well as a model agency with over 180 models, and has proved more successful than I could have ever imagined. My clients include the BBC, Sky TV etc. I have also had a feature film made here which should be at the Cannes film festival next May - including ME in a small role! I still model myself but the years are starting to take their toll so I am focusing much more on expanding my business. I travel extensively and love my job. My partner Giles is a director within his family business of aggregates/natural stone suppliers, based in Thurrock.

"If anyone is interested, my website for my business is

"Leigh xx"

Helen Jobson, 1981 Picture of Helen Jobson
Younger sister of Troy Jobson.

Sharon Johnson, 1981 Picture of Sharon Johnson

Mandy Keen, 1981 Picture of Mandy Keen

Sarah Marsden, 1981 Picture of Sarah Marsden
Older sister of Phil(l)ip Marsden.

Dean Mayhook, 1981 Picture of Dean Mayhook
Older brother of Joe Mayhook.

Jason Moy, 1981 Picture of Jason Moy

Steven Nugent, 1981 Picture of Steven Nugent
Older brother of Mark Nugent. Catherine Flack reports Steven is living in Brighton.

Gina Richardson, 1981 Picture of Gina Richardson

Tina Rowbotham, 1981 Picture of Tina Rowbotham
Older sister of Richard Rowbotham.

Jeffrey Scantlebury, 1981 Picture of Jeffrey Scantlebury

Darrell Slattery <>, 1981 Picture of Darrell Slattery
Moved to Crawley, Sussex. Now married and expecting to become a father in May 2004.

Jillian Smith <contact via Ralph Corderoy>, 1981 Picture of Jillian Smith
Older sister of Sarah Smith.

Tracey Tompkins, 1981 Picture of Tracey Tompkins

Maxine Wells, 1981 Picture of Maxine Wells

Michelle ???, 1981 Picture of Michelle ???

Unknown09 ???, 1981 Picture of Unknown09 ???

Unknown15 ???, 1981 Picture of Unknown15 ???

Unknown22 ???, 1981 Picture of Unknown22 ???

Unknown31 ???, 1981

Unknown32 ???, 1981 Picture of Unknown32 ???

Unknown33 ???, 1981 Picture of Unknown33 ???
Darrell Slattery thinks this may be Geraldine McCarthy.

Unknown34 ???, 1981 Picture of Unknown34 ???


Spencer Abbott, 1982 Picture of Spencer Abbott
Ralph Corderoy bumped into Spencer when about 14 at St. Thomas's Hospital. Had a birthday party at McDonalds. Used to live near the Police station on Kennington Road.

Samantha Bowles, 1982
Older sister of Simon Bowles, and Kelly Bowles. Catherine Flack is in touch with Samantha.

Laura Burridge, 1982 Picture of Laura Burridge

Robert Clark, 1982 Picture of Robert Clark

Karen Cochrene, 1982 Picture of Karen Cochrene

Spencer Davies, 1982 Picture of Spencer Davies Picture of Spencer Davies
Spencer sadly died in a road traffic accident in 1996.

Tony Dyer, 1982 Picture of Tony Dyer

Terry Fenn, 1982 Picture of Terry Fenn
Brian Pointer's cousin. Used to play in goal.

Tracy Field, 1982 Picture of Tracy Field

Danny Fuller, 1982 Picture of Danny Fuller Picture of Danny Fuller
Younger sister is Clair Fuller. Lived in St. Mary's Gardens at one point.

Joanne Gale, 1982

Christine Harris <contact via Ralph Corderoy>, 1982 Picture of Christine Harris Picture of Christine Harris
Older sister of Nicola Harris. Played Gabriel in Nativity play, circa 1977.

"I qualified as a primary school teacher in 1993. I got married to Chris in '96. Living down here in sunny Somerset where we moved in 2000. We have a 6 year old daughter Sophie and I run my own childcare business. I taught in a primary school in Surrey for 7 years before moving down here and expect to resume my teaching career later this year. We still spend a lot of time in London as my family are there and I occasionally bump into people from school."

Anthony James, 1982 Picture of Anthony James
Suffered from asthma. Lept high off stage when playing a frog.

Patrick Lally, 1982 Picture of Patrick Lally Picture of Patrick Lally
See Theresa Lally.

Theresa Lally, 1982 Picture of Theresa Lally
Twin of Patrick Lally.

Phil(l)ip Marsden, 1982 Picture of Phil(l)ip Marsden Picture of Phil(l)ip Marsden
Younger brother of Sarah Marsden. Friend of Levant Unal.

Paul Morrison, 1982

Patrick Murphy, 1982

Gorash Patel, 1982

Maria Philipou?, 1982
Greek girl, parents owned the chippie along London Road (we used to walk past it on our way to the library). Sandra Celada met Maria about seven years ago in HMV, Piccadilly, where Sandra was working at the time. Maria said she was also working in the music business.

Paul Robertson, 1982 Picture of Paul Robertson

Sarah-Jane Smith, 1982 Picture of Sarah-Jane Smith

Neil Stevens, 1982

Phillip Stevens, 1982 Picture of Phillip Stevens

Rebecca Swain, 1982 Picture of Rebecca Swain
Played Mary in the nativity play. (She's dressed in blue if you've got the photo.) Sandra Celada last heard that she had trained as a tailor, then went to Uni, then went to work in retail.

Julia Tank, 1982 Picture of Julia Tank

Peter Tomlin, 1982 Picture of Peter Tomlin Picture of Peter Tomlin
Used to live on Kennington Road opposite The Ship pub near Monkton Street.

Levant Unal, 1982 Picture of Levant Unal Picture of Levant Unal
Turkish? Played both violin and football well. Father was second violinist(?) in orchestra and we went to hear them in rehersals, Royal Festival Hall? Mrs West recalls his mother painting marvellous backdrops for the school plays. Believed to have gone to Imperial College and still be there, possibly embarking on a psychiatry course.

Sandra Vincent <>, 1982 Picture of Sandra Vincent Picture of Sandra Vincent

Hi peps,

"Loved the photos and what a flash back. Now living in Kent with three kids, 17, 15, and 11. Married nearly 18 years Helping hubby with his company.

"Went on to Bacon and hated last three years there. Remember Christine Harris, Peter Fuller, Laura Burridge, and Rebecca Swain. Lived along same row as Tina Rowbotham. My brother Gary Vincent also went to Charlotte Sharman, he's three years older. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

"Love, Sandra Redgrave (née Vincent)."

Jaquie Wells, 1982 Picture of Jaquie Wells


Michael Baker, 1983 Picture of Michael Baker Picture of Michael Baker Picture of Michael Baker
Younger brother of Caroline Baker. Played in defence in the football team. Lived opposite the school in a block of flats in Garden Row, the first road on the way to the library.

Liza Beale, 1983 Picture of Liza Beale Picture of Liza Beale Picture of Liza Beale
Left before the last year. Not sure of the surname spelling but was part of a large family of Beales living around the blocks of flats on Lambeth Road where China Walk used to be, i.e. opposite Lambeth Walk junction. Danny Thorpe was a cousin. Liza may have moved to Hurne Hill, SE24.

June Beckingsale <>, 1983 Picture of June Beckingsale Picture of June Beckingsale Picture of June Beckingsale
Married Justin Bridle in July 2002.

"I worked in a shop in the Walworth Road for 12 years more or less straight from school. In 1999 I took a job with Royal Mail and have become a postwoman/van driver in the SE15 area. Yet again seem to be working with all the boys."

Martin Beecroft <>, 1983 Picture of Martin Beecroft Picture of Martin Beecroft Picture of Martin Beecroft Picture of Martin Beecroft Picture of Martin Beecroft Picture of Martin Beecroft

"After leaving school in London, I moved to Gloucestershire - did my A levels. Studied Physics at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

"I now live in Gloucestershire, with my long term partner and my 3 year old daughter Rosie, with another sproglette due in two weeks (20-08-01).

"I am currently working as a Network Engineer for Star Internet in Gloucester."

Simon Bowles, 1983 Picture of Simon Bowles Picture of Simon Bowles
Younger brother of Samantha Bowles.

Sandra Celada <>, 1983 Picture of Sandra Celada Picture of Sandra Celada Picture of Sandra Celada Picture of Sandra Celada Picture of Sandra Celada

"Still happily living in London. I've had quite an extensive education, a degree in ecology and a masters in botanical surveying. After a very sporadic career as a botanist I ended up working in a library and doing masters in Librarianship. I now work as a librarian in a college in Putney."

Darron Chalking, 1983 Picture of Darron Chalking

Chris Cheverall <contact via Ralph Corderoy>, 1983 Picture of Chris Cheverall Picture of Chris Cheverall Picture of Chris Cheverall Picture of Chris Cheverall Picture of Chris Cheverall Picture of Chris Cheverall
Lives in Clerkenwell, London. Works as a stockbroker in the city.

Ralph Corderoy <>, 1983 Picture of Ralph Corderoy Picture of Ralph Corderoy Picture of Ralph Corderoy Picture of Ralph Corderoy Picture of Ralph Corderoy

"Been in Dorset for the past few years; parents are still in Worthing where they moved after Charlotte Sharman. Jacked school in at 16 and have worked in computing ever since. Unix programming, networks, performance, that kind of thing."

Adam Domican, 1983 Picture of Adam Domican

Angela Dyer, 1983 Picture of Angela Dyer
Joined around 1981.

Leanna Ellis, 1983 Picture of Leanna Ellis Picture of Leanna Ellis Picture of Leanna Ellis
Not in final year.

Ricardo Fernandez, 1983 Picture of Ricardo Fernandez Picture of Ricardo Fernandez Picture of Ricardo Fernandez Picture of Ricardo Fernandez Picture of Ricardo Fernandez Picture of Ricardo Fernandez
Younger brother of Jose Fernandez. Older brother of Nicolas Fernandez.

"Trying to make a living stockbroking. Living in London."

Catherine Flack <>, 1983 Picture of Catherine Flack Picture of Catherine Flack
Younger sister of Debbie Flack. Now married to Ian Clarke and living in Wallington, London, with two step-children, Gareth and Leanne.

Michael Forrest, 1983 Picture of Michael Forrest Picture of Michael Forrest
Left before the final year.

Peter Fuller <>, 1983 Picture of Peter Fuller Picture of Peter Fuller Picture of Peter Fuller Picture of Peter Fuller Picture of Peter Fuller

"I did five years at Bacon school, leaving at 16 to start work (for NatWest). Ended up having a long and enjoyable 12 years there, working in nurmerous technical roles, before leaving last summer, where my last role was a project leader for the team.

"I then joined a web software company based in Clerkenwell as a project manager.

"I've been living in Surrey Quays in South East London for the past four years."

Renato Goulder <>, 1983 Picture of Renato Goulder Picture of Renato Goulder Picture of Renato Goulder
Older brother of Polo Goulder. Renato's now know as Ren Romero.

"I left school just before the last year to go and live in Wimbledon where I still live today. I got some half decent GCSEs and `A' levels but had enough of academic subjects so I followed a path in sound engineering to be a Acid House and Drum and Bass DJ and I took up kung fu training, which I still practice and teach today. My day job and main earner is working as a teaching assistant in a high school supporting challenging special need pupils!"

Paul Hamilton <>, 1983 Picture of Paul Hamilton Picture of Paul Hamilton Picture of Paul Hamilton Picture of Paul Hamilton

"When I left CS I went to Bacon school and then into advertising photography working for many well known corporate clients. Worked for HMSO as a printer at the Home Office, got bored with that and am now doing the same job but for a large Law firm in the City, that's getting boring too.

"Currently setting up as professional landscape photographer, doing my own website etc.,

"Have a distinction of the Royal Photographic Society and hope to be an established pro. soon!

"I'm now living in Kent, young free and single in a large house by the sea. Life's here to enjoy. Watch this space!"

Andrea Handy, 1983 Picture of Andrea Handy Picture of Andrea Handy
Infants only.

Miguel Hornero, 1983 Picture of Miguel Hornero Picture of Miguel Hornero Picture of Miguel Hornero Picture of Miguel Hornero Picture of Miguel Hornero
Didn't go to Bacon but some Naval related place? Ralph Corderoy's Mum heard from Mrs Tomlin years ago that she'd bumped into him (art school?) and he'd changed him name to `Michael James'. His and Ricardo Fernandez's mums were cousins.

Danny Ing, 1983 Picture of Danny Ing Picture of Danny Ing Picture of Danny Ing Picture of Danny Ing Picture of Danny Ing
Left early when family moved away. Ralph Corderoy knows where but can't remember.

Joseph James, 1983 Picture of Joseph James
Wasn't there long.

Paul Kelly, 1983 Picture of Paul Kelly

Donna Mais, 1983 Picture of Donna Mais Picture of Donna Mais
Sandra Celada met her during 1994-1996 in the French Tourist Board Office in Piccadilly where Donna was working. She was living with her mum in Nunhead, South London with her son who would be about 11 as of 2001. June Beckingsale thinks she may no longer be using the name `Mais'.

David Morrison, 1983 Picture of David Morrison Picture of David Morrison
Catherine Flack reports David is living in Carshalton and has one son called John who's eight.

Cheryl Nicholls, 1983 Picture of Cheryl Nicholls
Had a younger brother Keith Nicholls. Arrived late on.

Mark Nugent, 1983 Picture of Mark Nugent
Younger brother of Steven Nugent. Catherine Flack reports Mark is living in Wallington.

Brian Pointer, 1983 Picture of Brian Pointer
Also left before the end? Another cousin of Liza Beale?

Benjamin Spooner, 1983 Picture of Benjamin Spooner Picture of Benjamin Spooner

Jonathon Thornton, 1983 Picture of Jonathon Thornton

Danny Thorpe, 1983 Picture of Danny Thorpe Picture of Danny Thorpe Picture of Danny Thorpe Picture of Danny Thorpe Picture of Danny Thorpe
Cousin of Liza Beale. Burnt his hand in a light socket. Nicola French occasionally bumps into him.

Naomi ???, 1983
Quiet spoken black girl. Glasses.

Rahman ???, 1983 Picture of Rahman ???
Tall guy joined in 1982.

Samara ???, 1983 Picture of Samara ??? Picture of Samara ???

Unknown02 ???, 1983 Picture of Unknown02 ??? Picture of Unknown02 ???
Sandra Celada suggests `Ming Mong'. Anyone second that?

Unknown03 ???, 1983 Picture of Unknown03 ???


Clair Fuller, 1984 Picture of Clair Fuller
Straight, shoulder-length, blond hair. Older brother Danny Fuller.

Polo Goulder, 1984
Polo is a nickname, these days he's known as Ricardo Romero. Younger brother of Renato Goulder who reports

"He has been living in South Korea since early 2004 where he was teaching English and is currently practicing and teaching martial arts.

"As well as living in Korea he has also spent a lot of time in Peru (his country of birth) and France where he studied carpentry for two years, so as well as speaking English he now speaks French, Spanish and Korean fluently!"

Joe Mayhook, 1984 Picture of Joe Mayhook
Younger brother of Dean Mayhook.

Keith Nicholls, 1984
See Cheryl Nicholls.

Damien ???, 1984 Picture of Damien ???
Had an Irish surname, something like O'Keefe? Used to play in defence and get stung by the ball a lot.


Karrina Allchin, 1985 Picture of Karrina Allchin

Nicolas Fernandez, 1985
Younger brother of Ricardo Fernandez.

Nicola French <>, 1985
Small girl. Long blond hair. Played the piano. Daughter of Mrs French.

"Now living in Sutton, after studying in York (x2). After a varied number of jobs I am now a Primary School teacher in Southwark."

As of August 2003, Nicola is teaching English in Hong Kong and is having a "fab time".

Lee Gannon, 1985 Picture of Lee Gannon

Emma Gwyther, 1985

Nicola Harris <>, 1985 Picture of Nicola Harris
Younger sister of Christine Harris. Friend of Nicola French who lost contact about seven years ago.

"After leaving school I studied for a Law Degree at Sussex University. I am currently working as an Investigation Officer for the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration in Westminster.

"I now live in Eltham in South East London with my husband and we are expecting our first baby in August 2002."

Christine Harris reports that Nicola had a son and is expecting her second child in the summer, 2006.

Sam Quinn, 1985 Picture of Sam Quinn Picture of Sam Quinn

Donna Salmon, 1985


Kelly Bowles, 1986
Younger sister of Samantha Bowles.

Daniel Craven, 1986 Picture of Daniel Craven

Edward Crush, 1986

Samantha Gear, 1986 Picture of Samantha Gear

Lucy Hornero, 1986 Picture of Lucy Hornero
Younger sister of Miguel Hornero. Has now reverted to her mother's maiden name of `James'.

Dionne O'Connor, 1986 Picture of Dionne O%27Connor

Richard Rowbotham, 1986 Picture of Richard Rowbotham
Younger brother of Tina Rowbotham.

Brian Say, 1986 Picture of Brian Say

Claire Sayer?, 1986 Picture of Claire Sayer?

Sarah Smith, 1986 Picture of Sarah Smith
Younger sister of Jillian Smith.

Iain Stevenson <>, 1986 Picture of Iain Stevenson

Dave Wise, 1986 Picture of Dave Wise

Donavon ???, 1986 Picture of Donavon ???

Michelle ???, 1986 Picture of Michelle ???

Soumia ???, 1986 Picture of Soumia ???

Unknown41 ???, 1986 Picture of Unknown41 ???

Unknown42 ???, 1986 Picture of Unknown42 ???

Unknown43 ???, 1986 Picture of Unknown43 ???

Wayne ???, 1986 Picture of Wayne ???


Leigh Arney, 1987

Rosanna Celada, 1987
Red-haired younger sister of Sandra Celada.

Lee Dockerill <contact via Ralph Corderoy>, 1987

Dionne Forder, 1987

Joe Fowler <contact via Ralph Corderoy>, 1987

Jermaine ???, 1987

Mandy ???, 1987

Paulo ???, 1987

Ricky ???, 1987
Joe Fowler recalls him living at the corner shop opposite South Bank University on London Road.


Daniel Bayfield, 1992
Older brother of Craig Bayfield.


Tahmina Aktar, 1995
Nickname `Ruby'.

Gary Atkinson, 1995
Smallest person in the year.

Greg Basquine, 1995 Picture of Greg Basquine
Head boy. James Searle says Greg's working as a CAD operator, or similar, in Victoria and still lives a couple of minutes from Charlotte Sharman.

Nuriz Bengisu, 1995

Jodie Berry, 1995

Shu-yi Cheung, 1995
Hema Patel last heard of Shu-yi at St. Saviours.

Safura Choudhury, 1995 Picture of Safura Choudhury
Hema Patel saw Safura around 2003 when she said she was working in a police station. Hema thinks she should still be living in the road next to Charlotte Sharman.

Vicki Clancy, 1995
Ginger hair?

Michael Clark, 1995 Picture of Michael Clark
Tallest boy in the class.

Nicola Connolly, 1995
Hema Patel last heard of Nicola at St. Saviours.

Emane Eladib, 1995 Picture of Emane Eladib
Hema Patel reports Emane was at University in London around 2003.

Lucy Foreman, 1995
Tallest girl in the class.

Katie Galbraith, 1995

Nicola Galea, 1995

Jamie Greenwood, 1995

Adil Hafidi, 1995 Picture of Adil Hafidi

Danielle Jones, 1995

Jonathon Joseph, 1995
Hema Patel remembers Jonathon being really good at maths.

Corrinne McCleary, 1995
Hema Patel last heard that Corrinne was at St. Martins in the Field.

Mujahid Miah, 1995

Zoey Morgan, 1995
Hema Patel says Zoey lives across from her in Kennington and last saw her a couple of years ago working in Ravels while she was doing an art course at college.

Hema Patel <>, web site, 1995 Picture of Hema Patel
Head girl. Elder sister of Prima Patel, Miren Patel, and Dillan Patel.

"I still live in Kennington. After Charlotte Sharman I went to St. Marylebone School, then onto ADT College, then Camberwell College of Arts, and then graduated in Fine Art at The Nottingham Trent University. I'm currently working at Venture Studios in Harrods as a Digital Artist."

Ashrafur Rahman, 1995

Peter Searle, 1995
Older brother of James Searle who says Peter's a stock controls manager at Notting Hill's Tesco.

Steven Timmons, 1995 Picture of Steven Timmons
James Searle reports Steven works in banking and lives at London Bridge.

Danny Tyson, 1995
Played `Big Ted' in `The Night the Toys Came to Life', and also `Aladdin'.

Richard Young, 1995

Figen Zaimoglu, 1995 Picture of Figen Zaimoglu
Hema Patel used to see Figen working occasionally in Panache on the Walworth Road and thinks she may have gone back to college recently.


Tolu Amon, 1996
Hema Patel says Tolu went onto St. Marylebone. Prima Patel reports Tolu is living in Plumstead.

Charlotte Arnold, 1996

Leslie Ball, 1996

Craig Bayfield <>, 1996 Picture of Craig Bayfield
Younger brother of Daniel Bayfield.

"Currently a photographer for a market research company in the Barbican area, still living in Central London."

Wayne Brooks, 1996

Lisa Brown, 1996
Craig Bayfield reports Lisa works in W.H. Smiths at Waterloo Station and still lives in the area, very close to him.

Aqlack Choudary, 1996

Rebecca Cox, 1996
Craig Bayfield reports Rebecca lives around Waterloo.

Paul Fenn, 1996
James Searle heard he was working for Sainsbury's.

Lauren Gymer, 1996

Jemima Harold Brown, 1996
Prima Patel thinks Jemima and her sister Michelle still live in the Kennington area.

Stacey? Hinton, 1996
Maybe Stacie Hinton.

Christopher How, 1996
James Searle believes Christopher is a dental nurse living at St. Mary's Walk.

Azizul Hye, 1996
James Searle's sure Azizul is still living in Brook Drive.

Jackie Lai, 1996

Lee Meyler, 1996

Ricky Mitchell, 1996
Head boy. James Searle reports Ricky is a stone mason living in the Brook Drive area.

Nathan Morris, 1996

Prima Patel <>, 1996
Younger sister of Hema Patel.

"After I left I went to a Secondary School called St. Marylebone with two other classmates; Tolu Amon until she left to go to college after GCSEs, and I stayed in our sixth form with Gemma Tew."

Rachel Perry, 1996
Prima Patel last saw Rachel working in a chemist in Lambeth Walk.

Ashley Platt, 1996
Prima Patel last saw Ashley working as a junior in `The Works' hair salon in Walworth Road.

James Searle <>, 1996
Younger brother of Peter Searle.

"I still live in Kennington, and now work for Carphone Warehouse at their HQ."

Laura Soper, 1996

Suzy Sullivan, 1996

Regina Taryea-Laryea?, 1996
Prima Patel would like to find Regina and last knew of her living near Walworth Road.

Jennifer Taylor, 1996

Tia Taylor, 1996

Debbie Taylor Ross, 1996
Prima Patel reports Debbie moved out of London before 1996.

Gemma Tew, 1996

Ricky Tyson, 1996

Hayley ???, 1996

Nancy ???, 1996
Craig Bayfield thinks Nancy lives near to him at Waterloo.


Kim Davies <contact via Ralph Corderoy>, 1997

"Since leaving Charlotte Sharman I went to St. Marylebone Secondary School where a few of pupils who left in 1996 were also there (Gemma Tew, Prima Patel and Tolu Amon!) I then went on to Southwark College and now I am at University in London training to be a Children's Nurse."


Miren Patel, 2000
Younger brother of Hema Patel.


Dillan Patel, 2009
Younger brother of Hema Patel.


Mrs Abbott
Mum to Spencer Abbott.

Mr Becha
School keeper. Lived in house next to school. Father of Veena Becha. Retired in the summer of 2000.

Miss Bonniface

Mrs Day Picture of Mrs Day

Mrs Ebdon
Tall, gray-haired, Dinner lady along with Mrs Simanis. Both dressed in blue overalls they also used to perform lunchtime playground duty. Both ladies are alive and well and still living in the area.

Miss Fisher
Her family opened a Fruit and Veg shop next to the newsagents on the corner of Brook Drive and Austral(?) Street.

Mrs French
First name Val. Maiden name Beale, as in Liza Beale. Mum to Nicola French. Painted scenary. Lived in Walnut Tree Walk at one point.

Mrs Higgs Picture of Mrs Higgs
The following is from Friends Reunited.

"I am currently working as an advisory teacher for Bexley as I still live locally. I work with children with dyslexia and language problems. I taught for ten years in ILEA, as it was then, and I have taught in a variety of local schools too.

"I married Richard Higgs also from school and this year we celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary! We have two daughters, both teenagers. Goodness this all sounds so boring, doesn't it? I am currently studying for another degree with the Open University."

Miss Hutchings Picture of Miss Hutchings
Left to move to Somerset.

Mrs Keeper
Nursery teacher circa 1980 remembered by Joe Fowler.

Miss Kitchener Picture of Miss Kitchener Picture of Miss Kitchener
Got engaged in our final year? Descendant of Lord Kitchener of First World War poster fame. Christine Harris reports she became Mrs. Holman.

Mrs Lockton
Loved cats and talking about them. Wasn't at the school much more than a year?

Mr Martindale Picture of Mr Martindale
Played rugby with a London club. Appeared on `Game for a Laugh'.

Miss Reed Picture of Miss Reed Picture of Miss Reed

Mrs Simanis
Dark-haired dinner lady. See Mrs Ebdon.

Mrs Tomlin
First name Val. Mum to Kay Tomlin and Peter Tomlin.

Mrs West <contact via Ralph Corderoy> Picture of Mrs West Picture of Mrs West
Lived in Farnham, Surrey. Used to teach at Snowfields before becoming headmistress of Charlotte Sharman. Retired a few years back and is living in Cornwall.

Miss Willson Picture of Miss Willson
Married a solder, becoming Mrs Milton. Returned to Charlotte Sharman and was deputy head for a couple of years. Left soon after Mrs West retired. The following is from Friends Reunited.

"I married in 1981 and now live in Chatham, Kent. I am a deputy headteacher and try to enjoy life to the full. I love to travel and I am trying to learn to play golf!!!"

Mrs Woodward
Nursery teacher circa 1980 remembered by Joe Fowler.


2001-08-13. First version. Created with much assistance from Sandra Celada.

2001-08-14. Add entry for June Beckingsale's old sister, Elaine Beckingsale. Add Michael Forrest. Add surname for Paul Hamilton. Add Rahman ???. Replace Greg Cheverall's photo with one he supplied. Terry Fenn added and other changes from Martin Beecroft.

2001-08-17. Heard from Peter Fuller. Add surname for Cheryl Nicholls and Keith Nicholls. Correct Peter Tomlin's sister's and mother's names. Add Rosanna Celada, Nicola French, Christine Harris, Nicola Harris, Lucy Hornero, Darrell Slattery, Damien ???, and Patrick Lally, and Theresa Lally twins. Add Tracy Fuller. Add bio from Peter Fuller. Greg Cheverall says he was the star of the school plays, not Peter Fuller. Add Maria Philipou?, Rebecca Swain and other updates from Sandra Celada. Add list of people in some known-to-exist class photos.

2001-08-21. Greg Cheverall says he was 1980 and Kay Tomlin and Tracy Fuller were the previous year.

2001-08-22. Add 13 more people from Greg Cheverall's memory.

2001-11-08. Heard from Elaine Beckingsale. Greg Cheverall suggests Leanna ??? might be the younger sister of Joanna Elwood.

2001-11-19. Heard from June Beckingsale.

2001-11-20. Greg Cheverall confirms identity of Sarah Marsden.

2001-12-10. Add various bits of history and first names from Ralph Corderoy's mum.

2002-07-18. Add face shots snipped from 8_1982 class photo.

2002-07-25. Martin Beecroft identified Joseph James. Add 2002 holiday picture from Peter Fuller. Add the football_1982 photo from Martin Beecroft.

2002-07-27. Add face shots snipped from the football_1982 photo.

2002-08-01. Add Miss Reed's class photo, circa 1978, from Greg Cheverall. Elaine Beckingsale corrected the spellings of Cynthia Clerk, and Mary Sherret. Elaine Beckingsale identifies Angela Dyer. Elaine Beckingsale reports the death of Spencer Davies in 1996. Assume Veena Becha is Mr Becha' daughter and change her surname to match. Elaine Beckingsale corrected Mrs Ebdon and Mrs Simanis's names.

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2002-08-12. June Beckingsale identified Caroline Baker.

2002-09-01. Group people's details by year first to bring classmates together.

2002-09-03. Added Orrery picture from 1982 school's prospectus. Was that what Mrs West called it?

2002-09-06. Updated Sandra Celada's email address.

2002-09-06. Added Ugly Duckling picture from 1982 school's prospectus. Who's on the right?

2002-10-04. June Beckingsale recognized Diane Gavin.

2002-10-08. Paul Hamilton made contact.

2002-10-29. Nicola French identified Unknown30 as Clair Fuller and pointed out the pictures for Nicola Harris were really Sam Quinn.

2002-11-29. Ralph Corderoy supplied a recent photograph.

2003-04-19. Sandra Celada provided three scans of photos taken on the last day of school for the 1983 year when they all went to McDonalds. Also included were a Nativity play and Sports Day from earlier years.

2003-04-21. Sandra Celada gave first names for Unknowns 05 through 08 as David Morrison, Samara ???, Benjamin Spooner, and Simon Bowles, and also identified many in the Nativity play photo.

2003-06-01. Sandra Celada supplied the Mrs Day, 1978, photo along first names.

2003-07-28. Catherine Flack got in touch and provided surnames for Simon Bowels, David Morrison, and Benjamin Spooner, and identified Unknowns 04 and 11 as brothers Mark Nugent, and Steven Nugent.

2003-07-30. Catherine Flack provided a surname for Darron Chalking, and gave details of her older sister, Debbie Flack.

2003-08-18. Nicola French sent a little news from Hong Kong.

2003-10-20. Darrell Slattery made contact, and also identified Patrick Lally and Theresa Lally.

2004-06-08. Darrell Slattery supplied Mrs Higgs, 1978, and Miss Reed, 1980 class photos back in December 2003, along with many of the names and a new email address, but Ralph Corderoy has been remiss in processing them.

2004-06-11. Christine Harris supplied many updates. Pauline Cochrene had been mis-identified as Diane Gavin. Anthony ??? is Anthony James. Tracy Fields should have been Tracy Field. Unknown 1 is Paul Robertson, Unknown 12 is Nicola Carter, Unknown 17 is Helen Jobson, Unknown 18 is Dean Mayhook, Unknown 19 is Jeffrey Scantlebury, and Unknown 23 is probably Leigh Gallagher. Supplied names and years for Laura Burridge, Karen Cochrene, Joanne Gale, and Jaquie Wells. Danny Fuller was 1982, not 1981. Worked out Unknown 16's surname was Keen. Miss Kitchener became Mrs. Holman.

2004-06-12. First set of updates from Jillian Smith who identified herself, formerly known as Unknown 28, and also identified Nicola Carter, Helen Jobson, Dean Mayhook, Jeffrey Scantlebury, and Leigh Gallagher independently of Christine Harris. Additional information provided means Unknown 13 is Tina Rowbotham, Unknown 14 is Jason Moy, Unknown 20 is Tracey Tompkins, Unknown 21 is Lee Columbell, Unknown 24 is Sharon Johnson, Unknown 25 is Sandra Elliott, and Unknown 27 is Gina Richardson. Identified Unknown 16 as a Mandy, together with Christine Harris's suggestion that gives Mandy Keen.

2004-06-12. Create entries for all people named in photos as this increases the list of names per year. Added some unprocessed pictures. Numbers 1 (now Gymnasium, school's prospectus, 1982 and Library globe, school's prospectus, 1982), 2, 5 (now Football players, school's prospectus, 1982), 6 (now After-school ballet, school's prospectus, 1982), 7, and 8 were scanned from a 1982 prospectus by Ralph Corderoy. Numbers 9, and 10 were supplied by Jillian Smith together with the names of those pictured.

2004-06-13. Cut heads from Miss Reed, circa 1978 although it's still unclear what year this is.

2004-06-18. Leigh Gallagher provided news on what she's been up to since leaving Charlotte Sharman and some recent photographs.

2004-06-21. Make Leigh Gallagher's email address public.

2004-06-24. Nicola Harris got in contact, provided her email address, and identified Unknown 29 as Karrina Allchin. She also pointed out that Ralph Corderoy had mis-identified the girl on the left in After-school ballet, school's prospectus, 1982 as Nicola French when it was really Nicola Harris.

2004-07-06. Corrected Nicola Harris's email address.

2005-01-06. Added Want to find section after being contacted by Yuen Chan who also provided some details on Cynthia Clerk.

2005-01-22. James Searle made contact and provided many names for 1995 and 1996. For 1995: Greg Basquine, Adil Hafidi, Peter Searle, Steven Timmons, and Richard Young. For 1996: Charlotte Arnold, Leslie Ball, Craig Bayfield, Wayne Brooks, Lisa Brown, Debbie Clarke?, Paul Fenn, Lauren Gymer, Stacey? Hinton, Christopher How, Lee Meyler, Ricky Mitchell, Prima Patel, Ashley Platt, James Searle, Laura Soper, Jennifer Taylor, Tia Taylor, Gemma Tew, Ricky Tyson, Azizul ???, Hayley ???, Jemima ???, and Regina ???.

2005-01-23. Kim Davies emailed to start the ball rolling for 1997 having seen James Searle's additions yesterday.

2005-05-03. Renato Goulder made contact and provided news on him and Polo Goulder, his younger brother.

2006-02-25. Peter Fuller re-established contact from his new email address.

2006-02-25. Sandra Vincent has got in touch. She actually did this last year but Ralph Corderoy has again been a bottleneck in updating the site. Added Gary Vincent after a mention from Sandra.

2006-02-25. Cut heads from existing Miss Reed, 1980 photo.

2006-02-25. Heard from Iain Stevenson last year but only now added him to the site.

2006-02-26. Mrs West made contact in September 2005 and provided a two photographs: Mrs West in playground, December 1996, and a more modern one.

2006-02-28. Updated Sandra Celada's email address.

2006-02-28. Prima Patel's biography that she provided last year has now been added. She also provided surnames for Tolu Amon, Jemima Harold Brown, Azizul Hye, and Regina Taryea-Laryea?. Corrected the surname of Debbie Clarke to Debbie Taylor Ross. And provided new names: Aqlack Choudary, Hema Patel, Rachel Perry, Suzy Sullivan, Emmane ???, Figen ???, Nancy ???, and Nathan ???. And some more information on: Tolu Amon, and Ashley Platt.

2006-02-28. Add some news from Mrs Higgs from her Friends Reunited entry. This also shows that she's a Mrs. rather than a Miss. Miss Willson also had some information on the Friends Reunited site.

2006-03-01. In head girl Hema Patel's email from last year she gave information on where she is now and the names of her younger brothers, Miren Patel and Dillan Patel. There was also lots of new names provided for 1995: Tahmina Aktar, Gary Atkinson, Nuriz Bengisu, Jodie Berry, Shu-yi Cheung, Safura Choudhury, Vicki Clancy, Michael Clark, Nicola Connolly, Lucy Foreman, Katie Galbraith, Nicola Galea, Jamie Greenwood, Danielle Jones, Jonathon Joseph, Corrinne McCleary, Mujahid Miah, Zoey Morgan, Ashrafur Rahman, and Danny Tyson. She corrected Emmane ???'s name to Emane Eladib and provided Figen Zaimoglu's surname. And gave a bit more information on Tolu Amon, and Greg Basquine.

2006-03-01. Ralph Corderoy thinks Simon Bowels should be Simon Bowles as we've already a Samantha Bowles.

2006-03-01. Updated Hema Patel's email address.

2006-03-04. Updated Catherine Flack's email address. Catherine reports Simon Bowles and Samantha Bowles are siblings.

2006-03-05. Turn `Unprocessed picture 6' into After-school ballet, school's prospectus, 1982.

2006-03-05. Sandee Osborne made initial contact in 2004 but never replied so wasn't added until now.

2006-03-06. Turn `Unprocessed picture 5' into Football players, school's prospectus, 1982.

2006-03-06. Sandee Phillips points out Osborne is her married name.

2006-03-07. James Searle updated his email address and has changed jobs.

2006-03-07. Catherine Flack provided names from an old school photograph. Adam ??? is Adam Domican, Andrea ??? is Andrea Handy, Jonathan ??? is Jonathon Thornton, Leanna ??? is Leanna Ellis, and Paul ??? is Paul Kelly.

2006-03-07. Hema Patel provided a recent picture of her and Prima Patel.

2006-03-07. Split the two pictures in `Unprocessed picture 1' into Gymnasium, school's prospectus, 1982 and Library globe, school's prospectus, 1982.

2006-03-07. Christine Harris added more recent news on her and Nicola Harris, and provided names for the Gymnasium, school's prospectus, 1982 photo, which has now had heads cut from it.

2006-03-08. Mrs West gave Levant Unal's surname.

2006-03-09. Hema Patel supplied Adil Halfidi's birthday visit to the London Dungeon, circa 1995.

2006-03-10. Iain Stevenson supplied more names for `Unprocessed picture 9' which has now become Mrs Higgs, 1983. Cut all the heads from it, creating Unknown41 ???, Unknown42 ???, and Unknown43 ??? along the way. He also identified Edward Crush in Unprocessed picture 10.

2006-03-10. Oops, got photos of Hema Patel and Prima Patel the wrong way around.

2006-04-03. Craig Bayfield got in touch and supplied a picture, complete with Charlotte Sharman mug. He also provided a correction on Lisa Brown, extra information on Ricky Mitchell, and Nancy ???, identified Nathan ??? as Nathan Morris, and added new people Rebecca Cox and his brother Daniel Bayfield.

2006-09-18. Hema Patel provided a new email address, an updated biography, and she now has a web site.

2006-10-11. Sandra Vincent identified Unknown 35 as Michelle ??? and remembers going to Butlin's with her.

2006-10-31. Prima Patel asked that the picture of her and Hema Patel be taken down after unwanted email contact.

2006-11-13. Link to the Wikipedia page on West Square in the Introduction.

2006-11-24. Sandra Celada gave an updated biography.

2007-02-20. Joe Fowler got in touch and supplied some names from his class: Lee Dockerill, Dionne Forder, Leigh Arney, Ricky ???, Jermaine ???, Paulo ???, and Mandy ???. He also remember the names of Mrs Keeper and Mrs Woodward, the nursery teachers.

2007-04-30. Darrell Slattery provided a new email address.

2007-05-04. Catherine Flack's got a new email address too.

2010-04-24. Heard from Lee Dockerill.

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