Recycling the Amstrad Emailer Plus and Amstrad E3 for Linux

The Amstrad E-m@iler, or eMailer, or Emailer, or E-mailer, Plus, and its successor, the Amstrad E3 are ARM-based telephones intended for connection to a land-line. They present a host of extras to the user, including digital answering machine, hand-free speaker and microphone, send and receive emails, send SMS text messages, browse web pages, and the E3 can be a videophone when talking to another E3. Some of these features incur extra post-purchase costs.

Given the price for the Emailer Plus is £30, and the more expensive E3 is £70, or reportedly £50 in-store — not online — at The Link, they make an excellent target for recycling into more general purpose computers for experimentation or hobbyist use. This group of pages brings together relevant information; thanks to all those that have contributed. If you've any information that may help please mail me,

Jonathan McDowell has created the e3-hacking mailing list that I recommend subscribing to if you're interested in Amstrad Emailer re-cycling: "This list is intended for technical discussion of the Amstrad E3 emailer hardware/software, as well as possible reuse of hardware from earlier emailers."

Disclaimer: no responsibility is taken for any harm that may come to yourself, your Emailer, or anything else by following information on these pages — if you break anything, you get to keep both pieces.


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